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Director: Caesar Daniel

DP: Jesse Bader

Executive Producer: Augusto Naranjo & Maria Nazur

Starring: Bethsaida Bucaram, Bryan Encalada, Fernando Luna, Joe Hammerstone & Richard Ulrich

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In Christian eschatology, the rapture was believed to be the second coming of the "Great Messiah", brining the salvation of believers - and the destruction of man kind. Millions disappeared over night, humanity eradicated and the undead rose to walk the Earth. Years later, David - a lone survivor, becomes conflicted when realizing there is only but days worth of supplies left. In a world where undead ghouls roam the earth and humanity has become extinct, a sole survivor wonders further than usual in search for supplies, soon realizing ghouls aren't the only threat out there.

Los Angeles

© 2020, Vanguard Studios VFX

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